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Cataract Services

Revitalize your vision with our top-notch cataract services. Expert surgeons, advanced technology, and personalized care for crystal-clear eyesight restoration.

Glaucoma Services

Guard your vision with our advanced glaucoma services. Expert diagnosis, personalized care, and cutting-edge treatments for a brighter, healthier future

Refractive Surgeries (Lasik/PRK/ICL)

Transform vision with precision. Expertise in LASIK, PRK, and ICL refractive surgeries for crystal-clear eyesight, personalized care, and lasting results


Cornea services offer diagnosis, treatment, and transplantation for corneal disorders, ensuring optimal eye health and improved vision through specialized care.

Squint Services

Straighten gazes with our expert squint services. Skilled specialists, personalized treatments, and advanced techniques ensure confident, aligned eyes and lasting satisfaction


Discover a vision of style and clarity at our opticals. Trendsetting frames, precise prescriptions, and expert guidance for your visual elegance


Pharmacy services provide medication dispensing, health consultations, and wellness products, ensuring accessible and reliable healthcare support for community well-being.

Comprehensive Eye Check Up

Comprehensive eye check-up includes vision tests, eye health evaluations, and prescription updates, ensuring overall eye wellness and optimal vision correction.

Eye Emergencies During Working Hours

During working hours, address eye emergencies promptly with immediate professional attention, ensuring swift and effective care for optimal eye health.

Vitreo Retinal Diseases (Medical Retina)

Specialized care for vitreo-retinal diseases. Our expert team offers cutting-edge treatments, advanced diagnostics, and personalized solutions for optimal eye health


On receiving your details and medical reports, our patient care coordinator will meet the concerned specialists who will review them and suggest the best suited treatment plan to you.